Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did Someone Say Spring?

Because I think you were bullshitting me.

It's still winter.
Taken about 20 minutes ago.  Boo!  Hiss!  I have too much to do for this nonsense.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strange Things

The weather is beautiful right now, and has been since we returned from vacation.  (Ironic.)  We've been taking advantage of these nice days by strolling down the county roads where we live.  

Walking, Wed. 3/18
My darling weirdos enjoying the gorgeous weather.  They spend most of the time on these walks in shoving matches and rock kicking contests.  I like to hang back and watch.

The rest of the time, Taylor likes to distance herself from her parents.  I'm pretty sure we embarass her.  It's like my superpower or something.  I don't even have to work at it, it just comes naturally, this embarassment thing.  

Dessicated turkey, wtf?
Occasionally, something really bizarre crops up.  Like this dessicated turkey with a fork in it. Stuck to a fence post for additional impact.  We've been having fun speculating on what exactly someone was trying to say when they did this.  Thanksgiving sucks!  Or, this turkey is like our marriage, stick a fork in it, it's done!  Thanks, random person, for giving us so much to talk about. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whee, the end of the road trip: a wrap up.


Road Trip 2009 014
The weather was unrelentingly sucky, so we drove out of Port Lavaca to Victoria, TX.  We were on the hunt for seafood, and here's what we found.

Road Trip 2009 013
We ate fried alligator.  It tastes like chicken, only chewier.  Also, I had a fried oyster Po Boy.  It was not bad at all, and I don't even like fried oysters.  I was simply feeling adventurous.

Road Trip 2009 011
Adam ate a buttload of seafood for cheeeeeeaaaap.  Taylor had a cheeseburger because she is indifferent to seafood.  She did eat the alligator, though.  

Road Trip 2009 017
After we ate, we tried our hand at thrift shopping in Victoria.  This was not very successful, and so we turned North and West towards San Marcos, TX and outlet mall shopping.  The weather was crap, and there were trucks mating on the side of the road.  There was really nothing else to do.

Road Trip 2009 023
We reached San Marcos, and we needed coffee STAT.  Do you think we could find a Starbucks or anything familiar?  Hell, no.  At last, though, when we had reached the end of our collective ropes and had actually resorted to whining out loud, we found a coffee shop.  It seems like this is Texas' answer to Starbucks.  Whatever.  It was a godsend.  

Road Trip 2009 022
Adam and Taylor stopped their bickering for five minutes and enjoyed a cuppa together.  It was bliss.

Road Trip 2009 025
After coffee, we took Taylor to the ginormous outlet mall madness and let her shop to her little heart's content.  I feel like we deserve gold stars in our parenting notebooks for this.

Road Trip 2009 026
Many things were purchased.  Invader Zim is popular in this house.

Road Trip 2009 029
We decided that San Marcos had given it up for us, but we were done, so we headed to Austin. The weather was crap.  Cold, wet, windy.  We can get this stuff at home for free!

Road Trip 2009 030
On the outskirts of Austin, we found this place.  Naturally, we had to stop.

Road Trip 2009 032
We ate dinner at the Cabela's Superstore.  Buffalo burgers with fried jalepenos and chipotle mayonaise.  I refuse to acknowledge the burning sensations in various parts of my body.  I am on vacation, dammit.  I am invincible.

Road Trip 2009 040
After dinner, we wandered around, looking at all the dead things.  It seems like we think this is fun.  Also, it is very cheap.  It costs absolutely nothing to go and gawk at all the dead stuff. Sweet!

Road Trip 2009 063
The dead mule deer were spectacular.  

Road Trip 2009 065
The dead white tails were also impressive.

Road Trip 2009 071
This moose was as big as a quarterhorse.  It could feed a whole town.  Amazing.

Road Trip 2009 003
Eventually, we tired of all the dead animals, and went and found a hotel.  This was a non-smoking room.  With an ashtray.  An ashtray with a no-smoking sticker on it.  Somehow, things weren't adding up.  Also, there were drug dealers on the floor below.  We were careful when locking our doors.  We decided that we would leave Austin the next morning and go to Marble Falls, TX.  A much smaller town, and supposedly beautiful.


We drove to Marble Falls.

Road Trip 2009 005
The weather was still spectacularly crappy and the flu I had been trying to fight off decided to hit me full force.  We found a hotel and I promptly went into a Nyquil coma for 8 hours.  I ate dinner that Adam brought to me, and then I went back to bed.  The next morning we ate breakfast and came home.  We drove from Marble Falls alllllllllllllllllllll the way home in one day.  It was a very long drive, and I am a master of understatement.

It was a good trip, we all enjoyed it and we're all glad to be home.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Road Trip, Day 8

We slept late today, since we paid for two nights and didn't have to hustle to load all our crap back into the van.  That's always pleasant.  Unfortunately, when I woke up I had that off feeling I get when I'm trying to get sick.  I took some vitamin C and ignored the feeling.

Road Trip 2009 033
We left the hotel and fueled up.  We're loving the cheap gas prices.

Road Trip 2009 035
Lunchtime, oh, yeah.  

Road Trip 2009 036
Beef chimichanga FTW!

Road Trip 2009 037
Magnolia Beach, TX.  On a good day it would be lovely.

Road Trip 2009 040
This was not a good day.  In fact, it was at this point that I really started to feel crappy. Apparently sharing the roller coasters with 57 million other people exposed me to something nasty. Shocking, I know.

Road Trip 2009 041
No huge loss, since the weather sucked like a Hoover.  We went back to the hotel, and I took more vitamin C, some Nyquil, and zonked for a few hours.  I'm still feeling a bit achey, so I'm going to take a hot bath w/ epsom salts and then more vitamin C and Nyquil and I'm going to call it a night.

Tomorrow will be better.  I'm mapping out thrift shops.

Road Trip, Days 6 and 7

On Day 6, we went to Sea World.

Road Trip 2009 008
It was overcast and the temperature was perfect.  

Road Trip 2009 038
We watched the Shamu show.  

Road Trip 2009 034
Shamu got Adam wet.  REALLY wet, while Taylor and I remained almost completely dry. What's so funny here is that Adam hates, loathes and despises getting wet.  We were at the top of the splash zone, though, and that's what happens.

Road Trip 2009 040
There were roller coasters at the park, and one of them completely hosed the date/time dealie on the camera.  (Adam had the camera in his pocket, and either the force of the ride or the magnetic energy did the trick.)  We can't seem to fix it, so now we're in 2012.  Oh, well.  Anyway, the Steel Eel is our all-time favorite roller coaster (so far).  We rode it 4 times. Screw the sea life, we can watch that on Discovery Channel! (I kid, I'm a kidder.)

Road Trip 2009 061
We watched another show, and it was charming.  We learned the difference between seals and sea lions.  (It has to do w/ the ears and the pelvis.  Neat!)

Road Trip 2009 123
Another show.  So long and thanks for all the fish!

Road Trip 2009 149
We had dinner at an old favorite.  Nice.

Road Trip 2009 151
I bought wine.  In a box!  I am a beer snob, not a wine snob.  Don't you judge me!

Road Trip 2009 001
The next morning, Day 7, the temperature dropped and it was raining.  We used up all our good weather on the big theme parks, but that's okay.  We decided to head south to Corpus Christi.  I got to drive through some of the craziest interstate I've ever seen, which I enjoy, so that was fun. That Tomtom is worth its weight in gold.

Road Trip 2009 013
We made it to Corpus and the weather was magically beautiful once more.

Road Trip 2009 007
It's really, really hazy there.  I'm guessing it's a combination of humidity and pollution.  

Road Trip 2009 014
I don't even want to know how polluted the water is.  You would not believe the scale of industry around here.  There are smoke stacks spewing stuff everywhere.  You could taste the air.  

Road Trip 2009 010
Not even Mr. Pelican will eat that fish!  

Road Trip 2009 019
We went for a walk, and found somewhere to refresh ourselves.

Road Trip 2009 018
We were refreshed.  We ate shrimp-stuffed jalepenos and seafood-stuffed mushrooms.  It was delightful.  And then we decided we were done with Corpus Christi.  We turned North and East and followed the coast to Port O'Connor.  There was a wildfire, and also no where for us to stay, so now we're in Port Lavaca.  It's overcast and breezy.  Adam is searching for the perfect place to eat seafood, and then we're going to wander around on the beach.  Our room is huge, and we're just chillaxing here for today.  I have no idea what we're going to do tomorrow, and that's the way I like it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days 4 and 5...they're starting to run together!

So, it's Day 4, and we've just woken up after driving half the night.  Apparently at some point we entered Texas Hill Country and we're no longer in the Boring Desert of Doom.  This is a good thing. Also, it's Springtime.

Road Trip 2009 003
At long last, something green that won't stab you if you touch it.

Road Trip 2009 009
This is much better.  Hills, trees, tiny microscopic deer!  Huzzah!

Road Trip 2009 006
We ate breakfast.  Beer and enchiladas.  It totally doesn't get any better than that.

Road Trip 2009 025
We arrived at the outskirts of San Antonio and saw this place, so we made our way off the interstate to it.  It's like Heaven for the Outdoorsman.  There were people fishing in the parking lot, with real fish and everything. Crazypants.

Road Trip 2009 040
You would not believe the scale of this place.  Some lady was giving a fishing demonstration inside.  She used a bunch of different lures and you could watch the fish's reaction to them.  It was fascinating in a way that fishing has never been fascinating before.  I felt myself being lured to the Dark Side.  A couple of hours in this place and I would be drinking beer from a can and spending my life's savings on a party barge.  

Road Trip 2009 029
There were taxidermied animals everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  They had one of  everything. Baboons, skunks, wolves, turkeys, ducks, squirrels, fish, snakes, cows, zebras, lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!

Road Trip 2009 064
It was like a zoo, only everything was dead.  It certainly makes taking photos easier.  

Road Trip 2009 069
Eventually, we wore out on all those dead animals, so we went and found a motel.  I guess they had recently done a remodel, so we were all fancypants.  Not too bad for $42 a night and 5 minutes from Six Flags.  

Road Trip 2009 071
After some wifi drama that required a room change, we took a nap.  

Road Trip 2009 072
We're still running on Colorado/pre-time change time, so we wound up eating around 10pm.

Road Trip 2009 003
The next morning, we went here.  

Road Trip 2009 006
This is really the only photo of a roller coaster I took.  I didn't take my camera into the park, because our focus is on riding the roller coasters, and ride them we did.  We rode all the big rides, most of them twice.  We rode our favorite one four times, which was awesome.  It was the perfect day.  Not too hot, not many people, no waiting for the rides.  We had so, so much fun.  

On the slate for today:  Sea World.