Thursday, April 30, 2009


Are you freaked out about swine flu?

I'm not, but I'm a jackass, so there you go.

Another Toothpaste For Dinner Comic

Amazingly appropriate, considering local issues.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, here's the dealio:

Some dude, the old webmaster at BMEZine, apparently granted permission for another blog, Street Anatomy, to use my photo on their blog.  The problem is that it wasn't his photo, therefore he couldn't grant permission.  

So, then I find out that S.A. has the photo on their blog, w/ all sorts of trackbacks, and then my head explodes.  So. Pissed. Off.

But now it's resolved.  And I told the S.A. webmistress, Vanessa, who was nice when she figured out that I wasn't a lying nutball, that I would remove my post detailing what complete bastards I thought they were for using my photo without permission.

The end.

Btw, here's the photo in question:  

Skeleton tattoo
It's been over two years now, and I can still remember the pain like it was yesterday. (Actually, I can't, and now I want another one.  My inner masochist rears it's ugly head!)


Still pissed off, but only a 2 on a scale of 1-10.  I have bigger, fatter, more deliciously succulent fish to fry these days.  The fact that some folks are assholes just means the world is still spinning.

What to do when you are pissed off and there's nothing to be done about it:

1.  Eat a ginormous cheeseburger and tatertots.  This totally takes the edge off.  Make sure there are enough onions on said burger that the next morning your breath can skin a rhino at forty paces.

2.  Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mixed Up Zombies.  Fall into a food coma while doing so.

3.  Go to bed and read Christopher Moore's latest novel, Fool.  Giggle hysterically and feel better.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Color Fest's My Name, Color Is My Game.


Finished kettle-dyed lace weight
Finished kettle-dyed lace weight.  I am really pleased with how these skeins turned out.  The gradations in color are fabulous.

cooling kettle-dyed yarn
Cooling kettle-dyed yarn.  I have used every single piece of vintage enamelware that I own in this little venture of mine.

Indoor clothesline
My indoor clothesline.  It's too cold to hang stuff outside overnight.  It would freeze, and it's not worth the worry.  The house smells like wet wool a lot, so we burn incense like a pack of potheads.  

My dye corner
The dye corner.  The stains on the counter are in improvement, trust me.  My blog is aptly named.

This is how I keep track of colors.
This is how I'm keeping track of colorways.  A quick photo documents the colors I've used.  Easy peasy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

I know it doesn't look like much, but this folding table effectively tripled my workspace.  All that cleaning/re-organizing yesterday really paid off.  Another thing that pays off is having a handy husband.  Dude just saved me $75 by building me a yarn skeiner.  ( I re-skein everything I dye.)

Homemade yarn skeiner

I have plans for dyeing self-striping sock yarns this fall when I move back home.  This is going to reqire a huge skeiner (and the space for it, hence the wait until fall/moving) to make skeins that are long enough for the lengthy color repeats needed to form stripes.  I'm pretty excited about the prospect, and even more excited about moving.  A double whammy of goodness!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holla Atcha Mamma!

So sorry about the bloggity absence lately.  I suuuuuuuuck at having too many irons in the fire, especially after having very few irons in the fire for so long.  I think I'm finding my feet, though, so yay for that.

I must note that I'm having a positively lovely time when I'm not totally freaking out about stupid self-imposed perfectionist issues.  I adore what I'm doing, and if I could skip all the phone calls, emails, faxes and assorted paperwork, I'd be tickled pink. And orange, with a smidge of violet and a dash of vermillion and a touch of chartreuse.

Today, we are re-vamping our tiny living space (700 sq. ft.) to make it more work friendly for yours truly, and I'm taking time out from cleaning/organizing/moving stuff to write this and scarf an egg salad sandwich.  (I love egg salad. So simple, so yum.)  My goal is to get all this boring crap done by tonight, and have my setup all streamlined so I can finish what I need to to start my Etsy shop and prepare for my first fiber festival

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick -N- Dirty Post

This is what I've been up to:

Color Fest Fiber Arts 002
This is the roving that I've been dyeing.  The temptation to sit and spin this up has been tremendous!  

Color Fest Fiber Arts 005
Here's some of the yarn, all fingering weight.  There's 100% merino, merino/silk blend, and superwash/nylon blend.  Each yarn takes the dye differently, so there has totally been a learning curve involved.

Color Fest Fiber Arts 006
I took these photos this evening, whilst fending off five cats.  That was a trick, let me tell you. Here's Jack trying to weasel his way onto all that lovely wool. 

Color Fest Fiber Arts 007
I can't allow kitty contamination, so I quickly bagged it all up again.  Not such great photos, but you get the general idea.

Before I Forget...Again

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Sorry I missed your birthdays because I'm a sucky daughter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Congratulate me!

Color Fest Fiber Arts, LLC
I'm a small business owner.  

Color Fest Fiber Arts 005
My days are filled with color.  Lots and lots of color.