Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finding Normal

Adam and me. Weminuche Wilderness, September 2009.

Things are good. We've gotten through all the overwhelming stuff, and we're in a really good place now. Things feel normal and not frantic. We're relaxing and kicking back and spending time doing things that we want to do, not have to do, which feels like playing hooky or something.

I have a show in 9 days, but I'm not sweating it. It's nothing at all like that first show where I was freaking out about being a complete N00b and dyeing everything I could get my hands on until 2 in the morning and such and being worried about putting my products next to the pro's. It was all ohmygodohmygodI'mgoingtosuckaaaaaggggghhhh!! Now it's more like, yay! Show! We love doing these shows because invaribly, we end up meeting really cool people and making instant friends.

Taylor, explorer.
Taylor at the stream.

We are back home, back in the community we love, back in the home that we love, and there are fresh kittens to squeeze. The firewood has been gathered, and I'm slowly rebuilding our pantry supplies. We're working with that instinct that says to gather and save at this time of year. Battening down the hatches. It's a nesting instinct, only we aren't pregnant. More of a seasonal nesting instinct, I suppose. If I had a garden, I would be canning and freezing like mad right now. That'll have to wait until next year, though.

Winter heat
Winter heat. You have no idea how good this pile of wood makes me feel. It's like a big, splintery security blanket.

Johnny Rotten
Fresh Kitteh. Johnny Rotten is his name. This little dude rocks so hard. Too bad they don't stay this tiny and evil forever.

Coffee on the deck with Jack, our constant companion.

The biggest thing on our plates right now is planning our annual Halloween blowout. The party we had last year did not rock as hard as it had in past years, owing mostly to the fact that we didn't live here and it is hard to pull off a party like that in one day of decorating/cooking/etc. This year though, look out.


  1. Oh, my God...oh, my God...I can't wait for Halloween...Can't wait...hoohoo...

    Aaaah, wood. Makes ya feel good, secure...and a full pantry, that too...

    Ah, good stuff. And cookies! Cookies make one feel good...I win. ^_^


  2. I'm glad you're settling in again. It's tough when things change, isn't it? IEven if you think the change will be for the better in the long run, doing it is tough.

    I've been dealing with a few changes this summer, myself. {half-smile} I do hope it will be good in the long run. {smile}

    I love the kitty pictures. The kitten is so cute, and the adult is gorgeous. Of course, I'm sure he's completely aware of this already. {wink, Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. Taylor, you aren't excited about Halloween are you? :-P

    Thanks for the cookies!

  4. Change can be awesome and it's still a drag to get through sometimes. Hope you changes are working out for you, Anne.


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