Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Is Messy. Also, Some Other Stuff.

Chompy looks unhappy.
Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." ~Robert Byrne

It's been a long week. When it rains in L.A., it snows here. It's been raining a lot in L.A.

I haven't left the house since...when? When was the last time I left the house?! Maybe it was to go to Cynde's party. No, wait. We helped Christina move on Sunday last, so it's only been six days. Six loooooong days. I think Taylor and I are beginning to get a little nutso with the Cabin Fever. I spent a buttload of money on craft supplies this afternoon, because we decided we needed something different and nifty to do, and all most of our other supplies are buried in storage somewhere in Oxford. I'm guessing they're going to stay there until Spring. The UPS dude (or dudette, whatever) will be bringing us all sorts of goodies to make incense, soap, lip gloss, wool wash, and bath bombs. You know why? Because I cannot do fiber arts all the frickin' time. (Blasphemy!) Also, I gave myself tendonitis with all the dyeing/spinning/knitting, so I need a change of pace. Specialization is for insects!

Death by icicle.
Icicles of doom. They broke a window downstairs when they fell, sending snow, ice and glass all over the computer area. Fortunately, no one was sitting there at the time. Now we have sexy styrofoam instead of a window.

The weather has been a bit of a drag, but there's other stuff nagging at me this week. We lost our friend Emma earlier this week. She had been very ill, so it was not unexpected, but still. She was a fun, feisty, awesome lady. She adored her children. She loved her friends. She never did quite get the hang of knitting, but she liked the company and we liked having her around. She insisted that I spin her some yarn, so I did. I will miss her.

Also, my daughter, my only child, is turning 13 tomorrow. Birthdays aren't a sad occasion, but they certainly do mark the passage of time in a very glaring and obvious way. It really does seem like yesterday that she was born. I don't know where all that time has flown, but I'm a deeply grateful for it, even in the bittersweet way that I'm feeling right now. It's been an wonderful journey so far, and I'm really looking forward to the next leg of it, even the difficult stuff. Because, you know, it's all about the journey, right? Right.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. {sympathetic look, HUGS, SQUEEZES, BIG SQUEEZES, GREAT BIG SQUEEZES, GREAT BIG LONG TIGHT ROCKING SQUEEZES}

    Your daughter is turning 13? Congratulations to both of you. That's a big step, but a good one. {BIG SMILE}

    Mom and I are both January babies, too. Mom turned 81 last Thursday, and I'm turning 41 on Monday. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Hey, Anne!

    Happy Birthday! Yay for January babies!

  3. Thank you! {BIG SMILE}

    I think January is a good month to be born in. It's certainly worked well for me. {BIG SMILE, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  4. January is a fantastic month. My Nona was a Jan. baby. She used to call me when I was pregnant and tell me that the best birthday present I could ever give her would be to have my kiddo on her birthday. It didn't work out quite right, but that's okay. She was pretty happy with the kidlet, one way or another. :-)

  5. Ah, Emma...She was a funny lady. :)

    13!! 13...13!!! Scary. :O Hmm...

    Heh, you're falling behind on the bloggage.

    13-year-old...elder! :S


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