Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching up here, but not in real life.

So, hey! I thought I'd take a few minutes to semi-catch up here. Life's a bit mad at the moment, but that's alright. I wouldn't mind at all if I didn't have so damn much to do! Adam and Taylor are out fishing. I suspect that we'll be having trout for dinner.

Adam and dinner
Adam w/ last week's catch. They aren't very big, but they're damn tasty...and I don't even like fish.

Anyway, we did the SLV fiber fest this last weekend in Monte Vista. It was fun. We got to catch up w/ Mac and Monica, make a little money, make new friends and generally enjoy the mellow atmosphere. I am totally digging vending at fiber fests. Fiber people are just so nice to be around, and there's always something to talk about.

Color Fest Fiber Arts 004
My vendor tent.

We stayed at the Movie Manor Motel, which is a motel w/ two drive-in screens. So we watched a couple of movies, both of which sucked, (Year One, & the new Sandra Bullock one) but whatever. The novelty, people! We have to leave town to go to a drive in, which is sad. I keep hoping maybe the tribe will build one or something.

Color Fest Fiber Arts 006
My friend Mizpah groping the fiber. Her husband, Chris, makes all sorts of wonderful drop spindles and tahkli spindles and other beautiful things, so we arranged a trade. Fiber for spindle.

Tahkli spindle, wpi guage
My new toys. A walnut tahkli spindle and a darling beehive yarn guage.

Color Fest Fiber Arts 007
A little bit of my yarn. There's so much that I have trouble displaying it all. We're working on that, though. Hopefully for the next show I'll be more organized. We can always hope, anyway.

Also, many people asked me if I dyed it all. The answer is yes. Everything you see comes to me with no color at all. That's where the fun starts, dawg. Ya dig?

Color Fest Fiber Arts 003
It puts the color on the yarn or it gets the hose again.

Anyway, now that we're past SLV, I have to think about Sock Summit. I was contacted by a business owner who wanted to represent my yarn at Sock Summit, and naturally I said yes. So I need to prep a bunch of stuff to ship out w/in the next few days. Also, Ravelry is having a yarn dyeing contest for people who's merchandise is going to be at Sock Summit. Naturally, I also need to do this, as it would be good exposure for me. I understand that there is DRAMA over on Ravelry because people are all butthurt over not being able to enter the dyeing competition. I shall make a point of avoiding that shit. It's yarn, people. Get over it.

Color Fest Fiber Arts 023
Taylor is such a good sport. Both Adam and Taylor are, I suppose, and invaluable helpers. These shows are lots of work. I couldn't have gotten that tent up all by myself, that's for sure. Plus, Adam can make small talk. This is such a bonus for those of us who can't seem to master the art of random bullshitting.

And now, on my horizon: I'm moving. We're moving. Back to Allison, back home, back to my house and my land and my pond and my trees and my garage and my storage shed, and my driveway....did I tell you that I missed being home? Well, now you know. I told Adam that he is not going to be dragging me away from home again. And now he knows.


  1. Wow! That looks like loads of fun! {BIG SMILE} I particularly envy the friend who got to feel the yarn. I wanted to reach out and touch it too when I saw her. {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    I'm glad to hear from you again. I was beginning to wonder what was up this time. I'm glad it's lots of distracting yarn. {BIG SMILE, wink}

    Moving back home sounds pretty great, too. Enjoy! {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Hey, Anne! I know, I know. Le Blog totally gets neglected sometimes. I keep looking for balance, but someone keeps moving the bar. :P

  3. Wow, the booth is looking really good! It astounds me how you can get this all done in the little space you currently have. So proud of you for getting this business up and running, it's inspiring to say the least. And yes, Taylor and Adam are incredibly good sports, you are lucky to have them!

  4. Aw, thanks. Sometimes I amaze myself. :P


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