Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sock Summit Dye For Glory Yarns

Hola, yarnies and non-yarnies. These are the yarns I submitted for Ravelry's Dye For Glory contest. It's limited to those of us who will have yarn at the Sock Summit, so I figured, hey, give it a shot, free exposure, etc. I dyed up three batches of yarn, all based on the colors in the Sock Summit logo. In each batch I emphasized a different color and then fiddled with the other colors randomly. I kettle-dyed these yarns, which means that all of the dyeing took place in a kettle of hot water. I combined dip-dyeing, hot-pour method, and then sprinkling the dye powder directly onto the yarn. They are gorgeous, and my pathetic photos really don't do them justice.

All 3 batches
All of the skeins, just in from drying outside. There's the Sock Summit logo for reference.

Dye For Glory Batch One
Batch One, side by side. Before re-skeining and after.

Dye For Glory Batch Two
Batch Two.

Dye For Glory Batch Three
Batch Three.

So, if you like my yarns and you're on Ravelry, please vote for me starting tomorrow 7/23.

In other news, our renters are officially moved out. Taylor and I start painting and cleaning tomorrow.

In other, other news, I completely lost my damned mind and ordered myself some more sock yarn. Commercial yarn. Not dyed by me. Because, you know, I didn't already have hundreds of skeins sitting around the house. It's an illness, I tell you. Sock Yarn Fever.

Also, we are going to go see the new Harry Potter movie AGAIN tonight. That's probably another form of crazy altogether. I don't wanna talk about it.


  1. What is this magic of re-skeining and why does it make all the colors line up? That's pretty neat.

  2. It's as simple as it sounds. You wind your yarn from one skein, ie: place it on an umbrella swift or whatever, and then I use the re-skeiner that Adam made me to wind it into another skein. The sizes of the skeins are slightly different, and so the colors line up differently. Magic.

  3. Gorgeous yarn! {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    I'm afraid I don't beong to Ravelry, and I'm not looking for yet another thing to fail to keep up with. However, I hope you win. {BIG SMILE, REALLY BIG GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  4. Yeesh. I can't keep up w/ Ravelry, either. It's huge! Lots of fun, though. Something there for everyone, that's for sure.

    Oh, and thanks. :D

  5. And so the re-skeined one kind of shows more realistically what the yarn will look like when it's knitted up?

  6. Yes, exactly. That's typically why it's done. They look so much different when they're re-skeined that it's good business to show people what they're getting.

  7. -and yet, when they're wound into a "ball", they look different yet. All gorgeous of course.

    So these will be sold on Etsy? They look beautiful.


  8. And then, depending on what and how you knit, they look different again. Magic!

    Yep, they're on Etsy. Already sold a couple.

  9. INSANE. How can you even think about buying MORE.

    Rawr, yes, that would be another kind of insanity altogether. Obsession...whatever.

    Happy-Ninja-Fu-Hiya-Pizza-Loving-Harry-Potter-GeEk! (You know who.)

  10. Sock Yarn Mania is a crazy-to-the-bone kind of thing.

    And yeah. Ditto.


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