Monday, February 23, 2009

Coffee of Doom

coffee of doom
Coffee.  Sweet, life-giving coffee.  I needed it nownownownow, so I put ice in it.  Naturally, since we are those kind of people, it's a skull ice cube.  Fitting, I think.

I have several projects on the needles, and I'm feeling fairly meh about at least half of them.  I can't help but wonder about my lack of commitment to the yarny goodness.  Is it because I'm a weener or is it because I have trouble committing to anything?  Possibly both.  Anyway, I might feel better if I rip out the Noro scarf I have going.  I'm even contemplating ripping out a sock (!!!) because the yarn is so, so cute and it's some I dyed myself, and it looks like it should be made into something adorable for a baby.  

I have a huge lace scarf going, and at this point it has become a matter of endurance to knit it.  I think I'm going to have to commit myself to completing one pattern repeat a day, every day, in order to finish it.  It will be beautiful, but I'm over it.  

So, here's the game plan for today:  rip out Noro scarf, rip out sock, rewind yarn, do one repeat of endless *&%$@ lace pattern, make dinner, do essential tasks,  take Nyquil*, go back to bed.

*I'm getting sick.  Glands are swolen, throat is icky.  My answer to getting sick is taking vitamin C and going back to bed for 12 hours or so.  (Hello, Nyquil!)  You would not believe how well this works.  I seldomly get past the oh, I'm starting to feel ooky stage.

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  1. That's quite some ice cube. {Impressed Smile}

    Good luck with the knitting. {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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