Sunday, February 15, 2009


Go here:  view the trailer via youtube.

Seriously, ya'll.  If you're a fan of Neil Gaiman or Tim Burton, or anything resembling a dark fairy tale, watch the movie.  Don't walk. RUN.  Run to the theater and ignore your piss-poor 401K, and indulge in the nonsensical.  Is that a word?  I dunno.  If you need a break from reality, go to the movies.  That's what I do.

Also, if you're a knitter, knit some Coraline gloves.  Pattern here.

C'est les shit.   Or, in other words, VERY COOL.  


  1. Lol, I looked at the Coraline gloves, they are awesome!!

    And fiction is so much more fun than reality...I wanna go to Middle Earth land. ^_^ *Sniffle*

    Oh well...I'd probably get eaten by an Orc anyways. But it'd be worth it to see an Elf!! Nom nom nom...*Ahem* anyways. Yes. Good stuff, I suppose. FRIED SUGAR!!

    xoxo coo coo

  2. Reality sucketh sometimes. Middle Earth would be awesome! Orcs and all! :)


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