Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten Things

About me:

1. I thought I was going to die when I turned 10. I wrote out a will and everything.

2. I think ketchup is nasty. I'd rather use hot sauce or mayo on my fries. Or malt vinegar. Yum.

3. When I was around 4-ish, I thought the letter S lived at the end of my grandparent's sidewalk and was lying in wait to attack me. I blame it on Sesame Street.

4. My dream is to get completely out of debt and live all over the country, vagabond-style, out of a 5th wheel. Or maybe a converted bus. Something like that.

5. I hate shopping for clothes. I would rather spend the money on books or wool or anything else. This is why I consider jeans and a hoodie "dressed up".

6. Reality television is my secret guilty pleasure. Not so secret anymore, I guess.

7. Whenever I can, I make my husband pump the gas. Partially because I'm lazy, and partially because petroleum products give me hives. Mostly because I'm lazy-- I have disposable gloves in the car.

8. I have known my husband since I was 12.

9. I have to count 4 tiles on the bathroom floor before I can go to the bathroom. I think this is commonly referred to as "OCD". It's also referred to as "TMI".

10. It took me 56 hours to have my daughter. I've always been a procrastinator.


  1. LOL, "Ssss, ssss..." It's gonna kill us! DON'T TRUST THE S!! TMI indeed.


  2. Sesame Street is terrifying to a four year old! Don't mock my pain!


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