Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days 4 and 5...they're starting to run together!

So, it's Day 4, and we've just woken up after driving half the night.  Apparently at some point we entered Texas Hill Country and we're no longer in the Boring Desert of Doom.  This is a good thing. Also, it's Springtime.

Road Trip 2009 003
At long last, something green that won't stab you if you touch it.

Road Trip 2009 009
This is much better.  Hills, trees, tiny microscopic deer!  Huzzah!

Road Trip 2009 006
We ate breakfast.  Beer and enchiladas.  It totally doesn't get any better than that.

Road Trip 2009 025
We arrived at the outskirts of San Antonio and saw this place, so we made our way off the interstate to it.  It's like Heaven for the Outdoorsman.  There were people fishing in the parking lot, with real fish and everything. Crazypants.

Road Trip 2009 040
You would not believe the scale of this place.  Some lady was giving a fishing demonstration inside.  She used a bunch of different lures and you could watch the fish's reaction to them.  It was fascinating in a way that fishing has never been fascinating before.  I felt myself being lured to the Dark Side.  A couple of hours in this place and I would be drinking beer from a can and spending my life's savings on a party barge.  

Road Trip 2009 029
There were taxidermied animals everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  They had one of  everything. Baboons, skunks, wolves, turkeys, ducks, squirrels, fish, snakes, cows, zebras, lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!

Road Trip 2009 064
It was like a zoo, only everything was dead.  It certainly makes taking photos easier.  

Road Trip 2009 069
Eventually, we wore out on all those dead animals, so we went and found a motel.  I guess they had recently done a remodel, so we were all fancypants.  Not too bad for $42 a night and 5 minutes from Six Flags.  

Road Trip 2009 071
After some wifi drama that required a room change, we took a nap.  

Road Trip 2009 072
We're still running on Colorado/pre-time change time, so we wound up eating around 10pm.

Road Trip 2009 003
The next morning, we went here.  

Road Trip 2009 006
This is really the only photo of a roller coaster I took.  I didn't take my camera into the park, because our focus is on riding the roller coasters, and ride them we did.  We rode all the big rides, most of them twice.  We rode our favorite one four times, which was awesome.  It was the perfect day.  Not too hot, not many people, no waiting for the rides.  We had so, so much fun.  

On the slate for today:  Sea World.


  1. Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!
    (I'll bet you're early for everything right now.)

  2. That's great. I particularly love the bridge and pond in the store. I've never been inside a store which had those in it! {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. No we're still late. Bad monkeys!

  4. That store was crazy! We're still talking about it!

  5. That store deserves to be talked about! {REALLY BIG GRIN, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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