Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whee, the end of the road trip: a wrap up.


Road Trip 2009 014
The weather was unrelentingly sucky, so we drove out of Port Lavaca to Victoria, TX.  We were on the hunt for seafood, and here's what we found.

Road Trip 2009 013
We ate fried alligator.  It tastes like chicken, only chewier.  Also, I had a fried oyster Po Boy.  It was not bad at all, and I don't even like fried oysters.  I was simply feeling adventurous.

Road Trip 2009 011
Adam ate a buttload of seafood for cheeeeeeaaaap.  Taylor had a cheeseburger because she is indifferent to seafood.  She did eat the alligator, though.  

Road Trip 2009 017
After we ate, we tried our hand at thrift shopping in Victoria.  This was not very successful, and so we turned North and West towards San Marcos, TX and outlet mall shopping.  The weather was crap, and there were trucks mating on the side of the road.  There was really nothing else to do.

Road Trip 2009 023
We reached San Marcos, and we needed coffee STAT.  Do you think we could find a Starbucks or anything familiar?  Hell, no.  At last, though, when we had reached the end of our collective ropes and had actually resorted to whining out loud, we found a coffee shop.  It seems like this is Texas' answer to Starbucks.  Whatever.  It was a godsend.  

Road Trip 2009 022
Adam and Taylor stopped their bickering for five minutes and enjoyed a cuppa together.  It was bliss.

Road Trip 2009 025
After coffee, we took Taylor to the ginormous outlet mall madness and let her shop to her little heart's content.  I feel like we deserve gold stars in our parenting notebooks for this.

Road Trip 2009 026
Many things were purchased.  Invader Zim is popular in this house.

Road Trip 2009 029
We decided that San Marcos had given it up for us, but we were done, so we headed to Austin. The weather was crap.  Cold, wet, windy.  We can get this stuff at home for free!

Road Trip 2009 030
On the outskirts of Austin, we found this place.  Naturally, we had to stop.

Road Trip 2009 032
We ate dinner at the Cabela's Superstore.  Buffalo burgers with fried jalepenos and chipotle mayonaise.  I refuse to acknowledge the burning sensations in various parts of my body.  I am on vacation, dammit.  I am invincible.

Road Trip 2009 040
After dinner, we wandered around, looking at all the dead things.  It seems like we think this is fun.  Also, it is very cheap.  It costs absolutely nothing to go and gawk at all the dead stuff. Sweet!

Road Trip 2009 063
The dead mule deer were spectacular.  

Road Trip 2009 065
The dead white tails were also impressive.

Road Trip 2009 071
This moose was as big as a quarterhorse.  It could feed a whole town.  Amazing.

Road Trip 2009 003
Eventually, we tired of all the dead animals, and went and found a hotel.  This was a non-smoking room.  With an ashtray.  An ashtray with a no-smoking sticker on it.  Somehow, things weren't adding up.  Also, there were drug dealers on the floor below.  We were careful when locking our doors.  We decided that we would leave Austin the next morning and go to Marble Falls, TX.  A much smaller town, and supposedly beautiful.


We drove to Marble Falls.

Road Trip 2009 005
The weather was still spectacularly crappy and the flu I had been trying to fight off decided to hit me full force.  We found a hotel and I promptly went into a Nyquil coma for 8 hours.  I ate dinner that Adam brought to me, and then I went back to bed.  The next morning we ate breakfast and came home.  We drove from Marble Falls alllllllllllllllllllll the way home in one day.  It was a very long drive, and I am a master of understatement.

It was a good trip, we all enjoyed it and we're all glad to be home.


  1. Holy cow, a Hot Topic superstore! That sounds like Taylor heaven. Glad you guys had a fun trip.

  2. It totally was Taylor heaven.
    Also, thanks!

  3. That looks like an amazing trip! All of you obviously had a good time. {BIG SMILE}

    I'm glad it went so well. {REALLY BIG GRIN}


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