Friday, March 6, 2009

Road Trip, Day 2

I'm pooped, so this is going to be brief.  We're currently in Carlsbad, and we're going to go to the Caverns in the morning.  Roswell and all the UFO/aliens stuff sucked up all our time today.  (Or were we abducted...where did the time go?)  

Road Trip 2009 001
Tay would like to kindly take this time invite us to go to hell.  This was first thing this morning. Girlfriend does not do mornings.

Road Trip 2009 004
We took her to the mall, and then to Hobby Lobby.   She forgave us.

Road Trip 2009 020
We went downtown to the UFO Museum.  

Road Trip 2009 054

Road Trip 2009 042
Government cover-up!

Road Trip 2009 030
Decoupaged horse!

Road Trip 2009 043
Close Encounters!

Road Trip 2009 059
We bought Taylor a brain.  It was time.

Road Trip 2009 067
We drove to Carlsbad, and we got happy.

Road Trip 2009 064
Happy = fried jalepenos.  They were listed on the menu as "bottlecaps".  Oh, dear lord.  So, so, so good.  

Road Trip 2009 069
And then we went to the drive-in.  There were three screens!  I got a brief contact high from someone smoking weed two cars over.  Discovered that people in Carlsbad simply open their windows and dump their trash out when the movie is over.  Sweet!  Why didn't I think of that?  

Now:  we're back in the room.  We had salad for dinner, as you can really only eat only so much fried food and then you start backing up.  Of course, I have eaten so many jalepenos today that my bum may resemble a Japanese flag in the morning.  Ya never know.


  1. That UFO museum looks particularly neat! {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Finally figured out a way to comment!

    Had Trader Joe's envy - now have drive inn envy. How fun!!!


  3. It was a hoot, Anne. There was a crazy amount of information available.

  4. Three screens! So exciting!


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